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Friday, July 3, 2015

Dealer Benefits Network is a U-Haul do-it-yourself national resource for affordable benefit solutions for independent dealers, small business owners and employees and family members.  

Our national private health insurance exchange is open online 24/7 all year around

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For over a decade, the U-Haul Dealer Benefits Program has offered high-value major medical and dental insurance to Dealers and their employees and families through our national private health insurance exchange.  Medical plans on our private exchange meet all of your state's regulatory requirements and cover the "10 minimum essential health benefits" for federally-qualified plans.  We can also help with "life event" and tax-subsidized enrollments.

Importantly, through the U-Haul Dealer Benefits Program, you can sign up for benefits all year round.  You do not have to use the government exchanges.  

The new federal health reform law, called Obamacare, established a framework of national OPEN and SPECIAL enrollment periods for people to enroll for medical insurance, without answering health questions. You can use your U-Haul Dealer Benefits private health insurance exchange to get medical insurance during the federal enrollments.  You can also get temporary medical coverage at other times of the year.   

The next federal OPEN enrollment period is set to begin next fall (November 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016) for coverage effective in 2016.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announces SPECIAL enrollment during the year for people needing another chance to enroll for qualified medical plans and avoid paying the annual tax penalty for not having health insurance.  The last SPECIAL ENROLLMENT period ended April 30, 2015.  SPECIAL 60 day enrollments are available during the year for people who have qualifying "life event" changes, such as losing a job that provided health insurance, re-locating, getting married or having a baby.  The last federal OPEN enrollment for qualified medical plans, which ran four months, closed February 15, 2015.

Available on the U-Haul Dealer Private Health Exchange:
  • Qualified major medical insurance plans meeting the new federal, plus all of your state's requirements, during federal enrollment periods.
  • For U-Haul Dealers who miss the annual OPEN enrollment:  Short Term Medical provides inexpensive coverage for up to six months to help you fill the gap in coverage until the next federal enrollment.
  • 24 Hour Doctor On-Call service - our 24/7 call a doctor service, with no consultation fee and health discounts, for only $12 a month for the entire immediate family.
  • If  you have a 'qualifying life event' or a 'hardship exemption' during the year that triggers a SPECIAL enrollment, you can sign up with us for a qualified major medical plan that meets all the requirements of your state and the new federal coverage requirements.   
  • Dental, Accident, Hearing & Vision, Life and Long Term Care insurance are still available all year around.  
  • If you are 65, or getting close to your 65th birthday, we can also help you find affordable Medicare plans in your area.

Confused by the new federal rules on your medical insurance!
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If you are having trouble getting medical and other important employee health benefits, let us help.  We do the due diligence for you.  We identify and broker with the highest rated health insurers authorized to do business in each state and we include in our private exchange the best-value health insurance plans we find filed by the top insurers and approved by your state insurance authority.  They include the new federally-qualified medical plans, so Dealers and employees can choose from the best carriers and most cost effective plans available in their area. We also negotiate important voluntary benefits, such as dental, accident, vision & hearing, long term care insurance, affordable Medicare coverage in your area, as well as dealership business support services on your behalf.

Rising costs for healthcare, employee benefits and insurance reform are impacting employers and employees throughout the country. Now you can take advantage of these important benefits and insurance services we have negotiated and arranged for you, your family and employees.


Individual * Family * Business

Benefits and Insurance for Independent Dealers

Dealer/Owner, spouse and family coverage

Employees of Dealer businesses and their families also eligible
  • Cafeteria-style selection of best-value plans on our national private health exchange
  • Many choices, one size does not fit all
  • Affordable and Portable
  • Both Group and Individual plans
  • Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Insurance plans 
  • The best value plans from the top-rated health insurers authorized to do business in your state
  • All Health plans are filed and approved in your state and meet new federal reform requirements

  • Your 24/7 call a doctor service, health discounts & more

The U-Haul Dealer Benefits Program is a collection of health insurance and services, employee benefits and related programs arranged and negotiated specifically for U-Haul Dealerships and administered under an exclusive arrangement with U-Haul International Inc. by Dealer Benefits Network.  Dealer Benefits Network contracts with insurers and service/benefit providers for a wide choice of coverage plans, pricing and discounts available to Dealers and employees of Dealer businesses.  All plans are not available in all states.  We do not provide legal or tax advice.  Please contact your legal or tax advisor for advice on how the Health Reforms will impact you. We strongly recommend Dealers and employees evaluate their needs before choosing a health plan and encourage you to talk with our experienced and licensed representatives to assist you.
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